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Veggie Cheese Samosa (10 pcs)

Filled with paneer, cashew-nuts, peas & spices

Bread Kulcha (2 pcs)

Buns stuffed with onions, channa & chutney

Paneer Pakora (10 pcs)

Fresh cheese marinated in spices and deep fried

Chaat Paapri

Paapri mixed with channa, potatoes, onion, tamarind sauce and yogurt
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Puri Chaat

Puri stuffed with sliced potatoes, onions, spices, yogurt and tamarind...

Fish Pakora (10 pcs)

Boneless fish dipped in chickpeas butter and fried

Fried Veg Soya Chaap (6pcs) Vegetarian

Golgappa Basket

Veggie Noodle

Served with sauce
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Bhel Puri

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Aloo Puri

Chicken Pakora (10 pcs)

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Channa Samosa

Samosa served with channa masala
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Tandoori Kulcha

Naan stuffed with chopped red onions, mashed potatoes & served with channa...
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Gol Guppa

(6 pcs)
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Raj Kachori

Fried pury stuffed with vada, sliced onions, nuts, species, yogurt & c...

Bread Pakora (2 pcs)

White bread, potato, dipped in chickpeas batter and fried

Cheese Chilli

Chicken Kulcha

Naan stuffed with chicken korma

Mirchi Pakora (6 pcs)

Serrano chilli, potato, dipped in chickpeas batter and fried

Pav Bhadji

Spring Roll

Meshed veggies stuffed in roll, spices & deep fried

Vada Pav

Veg Chilli Chicken

Vegetarian Burger Vegetarian

Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets (10pcs)

Vegetarian Chicken Wings (10 pcs)

Vegetarian Noodle Burger Vegetarian

Veggie Manchurian

Served with sauce

Veggie Pakora (1 lb)

Mix veggies dipped in chickpeas batter and fried
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Channa Bhatura

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Channa Chaat

Channa mixed with spices, potatoes, tomatoes, onions & chutney
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Dahi Bhalla

Dumplings made of fresh lentil, herbs & spices, dipped & simmered in yogurt...
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Paneer Kulcha

Naan stuffed with grinded cheese & served with channa masala
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Sev Puri

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Tawa Tikki

Served with channa masala